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ISEARCHInformation Services Electronic Archiving
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And it's already proving its worth - to date, iSearch has helped local groups access grants worth over PS27,000.
They explain the five steps of an information problem-solving model to use with this iSearch process: choosing a topic and developing higher level questions; finding sources and experts; taking notes, citing sources, and becoming aware of copyright issues; synthesizing research, creating digital products and presentations, and writing; and self-evaluations and project evaluations.
A interface ISearch tem como principais objetivos definir o comportamento dos motores de busca do sistema e possibilitar o acesso aos mesmos na camada seguinte da arquitetura de forma transparente, ou seja, sem que se saiba quais motores estao sendo utilizados para a realizacao das buscas.
iSearch Media's focus on search, data and consumer behavior is deemed very complementary to 3Q Digital's suite of digital marketing service, the target's founder and president Scott Rayden, who will assume the post of chief revenue office at the buyer, said, commenting on the move.