ISUAInternational Skating Union of America (US and Canada)
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The former see adegbe as a combination of Adele, a regent in Yoruba language and gbe signifying perfection of permanence in the Isua dialect and put together it means a permanent regent.
Analysis of green 'serpentinite' rocks, which are the key to life, from Isua showed that mud volcanoes underwater would have offered an environment that was warm, non-acidic and full of carbonates - the perfect mix to allow the birth of life
The mud volcanoes at Isua thus represent a particularly favourable setting for the emergence of primitive terrestrial life," the Daily Mail quoted lead researcher Marie-Laure Pons as saying.
8 billion years, the rocks of Isua are some of the oldest in the world.
The company acquired the Isua licence in 2005 from Rio Tinto.
He added, The granting of the 30-year exploitation licence for Isua is an important validation of the extensive work to date and provides a solid basis for discussions with potential funders and partners.
In March 2012, a bankable feasibility project for Isua was completed.
This study of the dykes is being carried out in conjunction with our detailed studies of the field relationships, structure, petrology, and geochemistry of the diverse components of the gneisses and greenstone belt at Isua.
Lawngtlai: Isua Krista Kohhran Lairam, 2001), insert pages.
Ao transpor as estruturas de sua narrativa oral para a escrita, Katia hiposegmenta as palavras, fugindo da ortografia convencional: ipediu, asua, isua.
The researchers recently took a close look at the Isua supracrustal belt.