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It's your turn to sing the ba'cawolla- I entweat you
Then, general, it's your turn," continued Nastasia Philipovna, "and if you refuse, the whole game will fall through, which will disappoint me very much, for I was looking forward to relating a certain 'page of my own life.
The answers indicate how likely your surgeon will be to take risks when it's your turn.
The Prime Minister's taken a pay cut, I've taken a pay cut, so I say to my many chums who are council chief executives - it's your turn now.
Now it's your turn to tell us about your tyrannical boss or scary workmates.
The adult children of the elderly speak bluntly in this month's cover story by Kathy Saunders, "Assisted Living: When it's your turn to care for your parents" (page 12-17).
You just have to be serious for a few minutes when it's your turn, and then you can hang out," says Tim Wheeler, a junior at Bergenfietd High School in New Jersey.
Make sure that you keep in touch with your case manager so that he or she can find you when it's your turn.
We've been writing about the Greater San Fernando Valley for all these years, and now it's your turn.
It's your turn to go and get your education,' '' Abreu said.