ITATInside the Auburn Tigers (Auburn University; Auburn, AL)
ITATInformation Technologies-Applications and Theory (Workshop on Theory and Practice of Information Technologies)
ITATInformation Technology Architecture Team (DLA)
ITATIncome Tax Appellate Tribunal (various countries/locales)
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According to ITAT Group, following the opening of the first three "ITAT Sports Worlds" within the ITAT Membership Super Clubs located in Buji, Meilin, and Longgang of Shenzhen, there are now a total of about 110 ITAT Stores in over 60 cities in China operating "ITAT Sports World" adopting the same ITAT membership sales model up to mid June this year.
ITAT has the largest network of multi-brand clothing retail chains in China, operating more than 700 stores across 275 cities.
And will he be playing any of the old NKOTB classics like Hangin' Tough and You Got Itat the Cavern?
Tenders are invited for Building Portion Including Internal Water Supply, Sanitary Installations Drainage, Development And Bulk Services Internal Electrical Installations,Lightning Arrestor, Lift,Wet Riser And Sprinkler System, Dg Set, Automatic Fire Alarm System, Street Lighting, Substation Equipments, Lt Distribution, Pump Set, Air Conditioning And Horticulture And Landscaping In Connection With Construction Of Office Building For Income Tax Appellate Tribunal Itat At Survey No.
After subscription, the members may be able to access Taxmann web contents relating to 127 years of Direct Tax Laws (1886-2012) covering 42000 judgments of Supreme Court/High courts since 1886, 19000 Orders of ITAT, 10500 Notifications, 2100 Circulars and 6000 Articles, 100 years of Company Law (1913-2012) covering 9800 Judgments/Orders of Supreme Court/ High Courts/ SAT/CLB/CCI/CAT/ATFE on Company Law/Securities Laws/ Foreign Exchange Laws.
ITAT LYL coach Cesare Prandelli will bring Y Cagliari defender Davide Astori into the squad if he thinks Andrea Barzagli is a long-term injury risk.
This interpretation is most difficult because of the form itat and the separation of predicate and subject, i-ga-at is obviously a stative parallel to beletmi in the next line; therefore, I follow Groneberg 1981: 125 and derive the form from the very rare word igu.
Sports Direct also has 63 overseas outlets and said it was considering its next steps in the lucrative Chinese market after signing a deal with retailer ITAT to sell its Dunlop and Lonsdale wares in February.
During the year 2012- 13, the BCCI filed an appeal against the ITAT order in the Bombay High Court.
It is submitted that the order of CIT (appeal) passed on April 5 and 19, 2010 with respect to the assessment year 2001-02 and 2002-03 have been challenged by the Income Tax Department in the ITAT and the matter is sub judice.