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IRMInformation Rights Management
IRMInformation Resources Management
IRMIntegrated Risk Management
IRMInformation Resources Management (College; National Defense University; Washington, DC)
IRMImagen Por Resonancia Magnética (Spanish: Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
IRMInformation Risk Management
IRMIsothermal Remanent Magnetization
IRMIllinois Railway Museum
IRMInsurance Risk Management (various companies)
IRMInternal Revenue Manual
IRMIsochronous Resource Manager (IEEE 1394)
IRMInsecticide Resistance Management (agriculture)
IRMInside Rearview Mirror
IRMIntel Remote Management
IRMIntelligent Repeater Module
IRMInventory and Related Materials
IRMInstitute of Risk Management
IRMInterim Remedial Measure
IRMInformation Resource Manager
IRMImagerie par Résonnance Magnétique (French: Magnetic Resonance Imagery)
IRMIon Release Module
IRMInstitut Royal Météorologique de Belgique (Belgium's Royal Metereological Institute)
IRMInvestor Relationship Management
IRMInstitute for Regenerative Medicine
IRMItem Response Model
IRMIntramural Research Program (NIH)
IRMInstitute of Rural Management
IRMImmune Response Modifier
IRMInterest Rate Management (finance)
IRMInternal Risk Model (insurance)
IRMInherited Rights Mask
IRMInformation Request Message
IRMIndian River Marina (various locations)
IRMInstitute of Reactor Materials (Russia)
IRMInterference Reflection Microscopy
IRMIndicative Route Method (path planning)
IRMInspection, Repair, Maintenance
IRMIntegrated Resources Management
IRMInsert/Replace Mode
IRMInternet Relationship Management
IRMInformation Resources Management Plan (HFCA)
IRMImmediate Restorative Material
IRMImage Rejection Mixer
IRMIndependent Reference Model
IRMIntegrated Resistance Management
IRMIslamic Resistance Movement (aka Hamas)
IRMImpossible Recording Machine (band)
IRMInternational Roaming MIN
IRMInternet Reservation Module
IRMInternational Revolutionary Movement
IRMIn-Lined Reference Monitoring
IRMInsurance for Released Members (Canada)
IRMInstitute of Respiratory Medicine (Australia and Malaysia)
IRMIntegrated Resource Management, LLC (Claremont, California)
IRMIntelligence Requirements Management
IRMInteractive Rights Management Ltd
IRMInformation Release Memo
IRMInitial Ranging Message
IRMImmediate Remedial Measures (environment)
IRMInternational Review of Management (Senate Hall Academic Publishing)
IRMImpulse Radio Modulation
IRMInterim Release Milestone
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This characteristic is especially important and unique to item response models because it allows test makers to easily decide which items to choose based on their interests and also based on the impact of the items on the total test information.
The unidimensional model is useful in producing ability estimates that can be used to make decisions about overall teacher candidate "readiness-to-teach" at the Tier I licensure level, but if teacher programs or teacher candidates themselves would like more specific information about a candidate's strengths and weaknesses, a multidimensional item response model would be more informative for teacher educators and program administrators.
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An item response model for nominal data based on the rising selection ratios criterion.
I conducted a series of graded item response models examining response parameters for the items assessing each of the six Mini-IPIP6 factors separately.
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Fitting a Two-Parameter Logistic Item Response Model to Clarify the Psychometric Properties of the Drug Use Screening Inventory for Adolescent Alcohol and Drug Abusers.
Detection of differential item functioning using the parameters of item response models.
Appended are: (1) Internal Review Rating Form; (2) Directions for Administration; (3) Comparison of Word Counts: Hand-Counted versus Algorithm-Counted; (4) Mean, Minimum and Maximum Words per Minute for Each Test Item; and (5) Estimated Item Difficulty Obtained from Rasch Item Response Model.
In the psychometric literature, when Spearman's model is used as an item response model it is also known as the congeneric test (item) score model (Joreskog, 1971), a name that we shall use here.
The paper describes a parameterization of the relationships in NetPASS via an ordered polytomous item response model and details the updating of the model with observed data via Bayesian statistical procedures ultimately being provided by Markov chain Monte Carlo estimation.