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ITOIn Terms Of
ITOIndium Tin Oxide
ITOInformation Technology Outsourcing
ITOInternational Trade Organization
ITOInformation Technology Office (DARPA)
ItoTransient Outward Current
ITOIstanbul Ticaret Odasi
ITOInventory Turnover
ITOInformation Technology Operations
ITOInvitational Travel Order
ITOInstallation Transportation Office(r)
ITOIncome Tax Officer
ITOInquiry To Order
ITOInstallation Transportation Officer
ITOIraqi Theater of Operations
ITOInvoluntary Treatment Order
ITOIntegrated Tasking Order
ITOHilo, HI, USA - Hilo Hawaii (Airport Code)
ITOInstructions To Offerors
ITOIstanbul Tabip Odasi
ITOImmunology Today Online
ITOInactivity Time Out
ITOInstrument Take Off
ITOInternational Technical Officer
ITOIndependent Test Organization
ITOInternational Technology Office
ITOIdentifying Technical Order
ITOIntermediate Transfer Orbit
ITOInterim Technical Order
ITOIndustrial Truck Operator (job title)
ITOInterval Takeoff
ITOInspection, Test, and Operation
ITOIndian Tourism Office (India)
ITOIntegrated Targeting Order
ITOIzmir Ticaret Odasý (Turkey, Ýzmir Chamber of Commerce)
ITOIntegrated Tool Operations
ITOInformation To Offerers
ITOI'm Trippin Out
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Subject to technical constraints, the ITO sputtering targets made in China mainly target at the low-end market; whereas, the ITO sputtering targets used for high-end TFT-LCD and touch screens are almost imported from Japan and South Korea.
As part of this transaction, Atos will add Xerox s blue-chip ITO clients to its portfolio in order to accompany them on their digital journey.
The opening of this stretch, originally scheduled for December next year, has been advanced since the ITO Metro station will cater to a large number of office goers.
Ito, who is known affectionately as 'Monkey Man', has been training for nine years and bases his technique on primates' movements, and has modelled his own style after the African Patas monkey.
Andy Murray plays a forehand in his straightforward victory over Japan's Tatsuma Ito yesterday
Ito, who like Murray idolised Andre Agassi as a child, said: "Yes, I would be famous if I won.
Pleasing the customer will make SNOVA a better company," recalls Ito.
delegation, a conference was convened in Havana in 1947 for the purpose of creating a framework agreement for the ITO.
Ito proceeded to write the score to her just-completed film, The Very Eye of Night (released in 1958), playing all the instruments and recording it himself--a score that Deren found so complementary she asked Ito to add music to her already classic, and heretofore silent, Meshes of the Afternoon (1943; music, 1959).
The researcher noted in its newly updated "Touch Screen Panel Key Component Industry Trend - ITO Film" Report that the TSP-use ITO film market is expected to maintain approximately 20% growth rate and is projected to record compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22% by 2013.
At least two suspects have been known to have been detained by the police over the kidnapping and killing of Ito, an agricultural specialist and a member of Fukuoka-based Japanese nongovernmental organization Peshawar-kai.
The optical properties of the PA6 nanofiber samples deposited with ITO thin films were analyzed by ultraviolet and visible light spectrophotometer (UV-Vis).