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IULIulius (Latin: July)
IULIndex Universal Life (insurance)
IULImagine Un Limited (Australia)
IULItalian University Line (university consortium; Italy)
IULInternational University Line (La Jolla, CA)
IULIndiana University Library
IULImage Understanding Laboratory (various locations)
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A recommendation from a friend led thre couple to Lovell's Fountain Court development in Tranmere, Wirral, which ticked all the ris ght boxes for Florentina and Iulius and baby Zara, who is now six months old.
Iulius Vehilius Gratus Iulianus, later Commodus' Praetorian Prefect, became procurator Augusti and praefectus classis Ponticae about this time.
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Iulius Donatus a commande une uexillatio dite Golensis et peut-etre un autre detachement appele numerus collatus au temps de l'empereur Philippe l'Arabe.
The essay examining it argues that Simia was a response to the Erasmian Iulius exclusus.
is a translation by Iulius Valerius of the oldest version of the Greek text of Ps.
Or from Vergil's Iulius, a magno demissum nomen Iulo (Aen.
Pierre Lardet offers an analysis of Iulius Caesar Scaliger's De causis linguae Latinae, a grammatical treatise with a philosophical perspective published in 1540.
In a striking contrast to the Julian and Claudian gentes, whose histories were set out in the lost opening to Divus Iulius and at the beginning of the Tiberius respectively, the story of the gens Flavia was meagre: despite his research efforts, Suetonius can trace back no further than Vespasian's paternal and maternal grandfathers, the former who rose only to the centurionate, the latter to become military tribune and praefectus castrorum.
Sometimes a testator left it to the beneficiary to choose between games and monuments, as with Iulius Largus of Pontus, who left money for the communities of Heraclea and Tium in trust to Pliny in his capacity as legatus Augusti to spend either on public buildings in honour of Trajan or on games bearing the emperor's name, as Pliny saw fit (Plin.