IVAXIndustrial Vax (Dec Computer)
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Teva and IVAX will promptly announce the acceptance by the FTC of the consent order upon its receipt, and will schedule the closing for the third business day following such announcement.
With Teva's approval, IVAX has declined to elect the "public acquirer fundamental change" option with respect to such notes.
Teva and IVAX are continuing to work closely with the U.
Documents filed with the SEC may be obtained without charge at IVAX Corporation's website, http://www.
Pursuant to the provisions of the applicable indentures, IVAX will provide at least 15 days notice of the anticipated closing date of the merger.
IVAX Corporation Deals briefing provides an in-depth view of the 40 deals made by IVAX Corporation and its subsidiaries with 43 partnering companies between 2000 and 2005, in a clear and accessible PDF format.
Such risks and uncertainties include, among others, the risks that there are uncertainties and matters beyond the control of management, as well as a variety of assumptions and estimates with respect to financial data, which if they do not occur, or prove to be incorrect, could affect IVAX' earnings expectations and IVAX may not, therefore, meet its guidance that the results for the third quarter of 2005 will be approximately $0.
Under the merger agreement, IVAX shareholders have the right to elect whether to receive their merger consideration in cash or Teva ADRs, subject to proration.
The deal came on the same day that Ivax reported losing $179 million, or $1.
IVAX stated that, after the merger with Zenith is completed, it intends to form an integrated U.
Giorgio D'Urso, CEO and president of IVAX Diagnostics, also stated, "We previously indicated that we expected to receive 510(k) clearance from the FDA during 2006.
This month, only 7 years since it was founded, IVAX entered the ranks of the Fortune 500," said Phillip Frost, M.