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IVESIncome Verification Express Service (Internal Revenue Service)
IVESInformation Vending Encryption System (American Telephone and Telegraph, Inc.)
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Instead, much of the story contextualizes the complex social and personal forces that led Ives to live as he did, while a fair amount of space is given to detailing the world of life insurance and Ives's business activities as well.
Most importantly, St Ives shares our core values of using company culture as a competitive advantage.
Mr Cole added: "Being included in Chambers & Partners is a welcome recognition of excellence for each of the 18 barristers who will be listed and our best ever entry in the guide is an indication of the quality of work we continue to have throughout St Ives Chambers, in a broad range of practice areas.
Mr Ives had been the subject of a public inquiry three times before and had also been sanctioned.
in, St Ives plc under the FSA's Disclosure and Transparency Rules.
A St Ives insider said Clays was likely to look at its internal structure and the potential opportunity to adapt that "rather than just recruiting a Tanya replacement.
Ives' Christmas, both Ives and Hijuelos have clearly been visited by the spirit of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.
With some exceptions, most of the Currier & Ives prints were not copies of paintings done by well-known artists.
Displaying a parka and mittens she designed, Ives received four orders, worth about $900, from mushers there.
The company plans to re-brand the creative, graphic and fulfillment operations with new names within the next 12 months as well as enhance the St Ives On-Line[TM] suite of application systems.
Ives and His First Publics, 1921-1934," Paul provocatively suggests that Essays Before a Sonata represents the first example of Ives reception (Charles Ives, "Essays Before a Sonata" [New York: The Knickerbocker Press, 1920]).