J-3Operations Directorate of a Joint Staff (US DoD)
J-3Operations Staff Section (US DoD)
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An early J-3 with a premium restoration job might command as much as $40,000, although realistically, $25,000 to $35,000 is more likely.
But Super Cubs don't qualify for LSA; the J-3 does.
Both airplanes have the same welded tubular steel frame that Piper used, although the dimensions and construction have more in common with the Super Cub than the J-3.
With its closer adherence to the original, the Legend has the same tail-feathers as the J-3 and also the same landing gear dimensions, but in place of the Piper's bungees, Legend has a pair of beefy die springs instead.
To apply the word systems to the J-3 is to overstate the case.
While we like charm as much as the next guy, it wears thin while hand propping a J-3 through the 30th blade on a warm day.
The front seat in a J-3 is a rack, with little leg room, the gas tank banging against your knees and no hope of improving the seating position.
Also, the cabins in both the new Cubs are four inches wider than the J-3 and it might as well be four feet given the improved comfort.
While a C-90-powered J-3 would compare more favorably to the Legend and S2, a C-65 doesn't.
We found that the Sport Cub's perceived roll forces were higher than either the J-3 or the Legend and because the stick is shorter, it's not quite as comfortable to rest a wrist on a knee while flying.
Cockpit visibility from the front of the S2 is excellent, almost like sitting in a fishbowl and better than the J-3.
Risk with respect to principal repayment is evaluated at a level consistent with J-3 rating through senior-subordinated structure and legal procedures.