J-4Logistics Directorate of a Joint Staff (US DoD)
J-4Logistics Staff Section (US DoD)
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The J-4 Directorate consists of eleven divisions with approximately 150 personnel on the staff.
British Lieutenant Colonel William Mead, the deputy J-4, is encouraged by the successes he has seen in the 6 months he has served with MNSTC-1, especially by how the Iraqi staff officers have integrated into the command's J-4 and the Taji CIF.
The J-4 Directorate consists of eight divisions with approximately 120 personnel on the staff.
The J-4 will engage customers around the world and will maximize readiness and logistics combat power by leveraging an enterprise solution.
The new J-4 includes military service teams that consist of senior military and civilian personnel who engage their assigned service proactively at every level.
The J-4 also has positioned CSRs throughout the European, Pacific, and Southwest Asia theaters, liaison officers with the combatant commanders, and DLA contingency support teams within theaters of operations.
Following the establishment of DLA's new J-4, each service signed a performance-based agreement (PBA).
Mortensen is currently serving as the director for logistics, J-4, U.
The robbers were last seen driving away east on Avenue J-4 in a compact car, authorities said.
The car, which had been reported stolen from Lancaster, was found in an alley west of Sierra Highway between Avenue J-4 and Avenue J-6.
For that Avenue J-4 property, the Lancaster Redevelopment Agency (LRA) made funding available for 182 senior condominium units,'' he said.