J-6command, control, communications, and computer systems directorate of a joint staff (US DoD)
J-6command, control, communications, and computer systems staff section (US DoD)
J-6Command, Control & Communications Systems Directorate (Joint Staff)
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The second task includes the development of a NGB J-6 Handbook.
The J-6 support team's vanguard of six arrived at Pacifica early to install initial communications for the HICON J-staff.
The rest of the J-6 support team, which arrived at later dates in October, consisted of 12 more people from the Army and Air National Guard, making the WFX a true joint endeavor for the J-6.
Donahue remarked that the J-6 staff's success was due to its "purple-ish (joint) mix.
The partnering approach on J-6 and the commitment of all parties involved ensured the successful completion of this high quality facility, safely and more than six percent under budget," said Bob Marshall.
The joint venture of Ebasco/Newberg completed construction of J-6 114 days ahead of schedule.