J-7Engineering Staff Section (US DoD)
J-7Operational Plans and Joint Force Development, Joint Staff (US DoD)
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forces will be able to step out of the picture and hand over the J-7 functions of the MNSTC-I to the Iraqis.
The contract development cell (CDC) is a J-7 section dedicated to tracking new requirements, developing contract documents to meet those requirements, deciding upon the contract vehicle, coordinating with other MNSTC-I sections to ensure that they have provided authorization and funding for the requirements, and executing the contracting process to deliver the facilities needed by the Iraqis.
The J-7 works closely with the Coalition Air Force Training Team and the Coalition Army Advisory Training Team to provide facilities that support Iraqi force generation and force sustainment.
The J-7 works closely with all three to ensure that--
Until the Iraqi forces have the facilities they need, the J-7 will remain poised to deliver them so that Iraq can equip and train its forces to assume full responsibility for the security mission in their country.