J-9Civil-Military Operations Staff Section (US DoD)
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Colonel George Smith's, the commander's, vision of the JRTX was to prepare the soldiers, Marines, Sailors, and airmen of the J-9 for the deployments they will face in the global war on terrorism (GWOT).
By that evening, the J-9 personnel were deeply engrossed in training.
A highly trained group of J-9 professional military personnel taught the classes, augmented by functional experts where required by the subject matter.
On the next day, the J-9 personnel shifted gears and learned about joint logistics operations at DLA.
The J-9 personnel were introduced to many of the pertinent changes that will affect their role in a deployment.
The third day of the JRTX brought J-9 personnel out of the classroom and into round robin lanes with hands on training at various stations.
Some of the Reservists role played indigenous personnel in a Southwest Asian environment to allow the J-9 personnel the opportunity to conduct simulated checkpoint and force protection operations.
Transformation has also become a key theme within J-9, as within all of DLA.
His main focus as the new J-9 head, he said, will be "to remain in lockstep with DLA, and to remain credible and relevant.
As J-9 develops, other DoD organizations are watching.