J-BOXJunction Box
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Some of the additional features of this new machine include double fabric transport rollers made by rubber, impregnation tank, air ballooning system, first squeezing unit, relax J-BOX in stainless steel, second impregnation tank, air ballooning system and second squeezing unit.
FERRARO X PRESS 4T completely made in stainless steel has been studied to satisfy the need of low energy impact processes and is composed by a TOP BRAND detwisting system ring stretchers with holes detecting sensors double fabric's transport rollers made by rubber impregnation tank AIR BALLOONING system first squeezing unit relax J-BOX in stainless steel second impregnation tank with AIR BALLOONING system and second squeezing unit.
X-PRESS 4T is provided with a relaxing J-BOX in stainless steel between the squeezing foulard and the impregnation foulard.