J-PJackson and Pollock (healthcare science equation)
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Parola P, Cornet J-P, Sanogo YO, Miller RS, Thien HV, Gonzalez JP, et al.
But according to J-P, there are still plenty of opportunities ( as long as we are producing the right beef for the right markets.
7-2 D Coulthard, 20 R Barrichello, 25 J-P Montoya, 40 R Schumacher, 50 J Villeneuve, 66
Larry Lai, agrees: "We knew there was a good fit between Escalade and J-P from the moment we met him.
Kelley, J-P Richard noted, "Given the legal issues we are facing today in an expanding business, the need for an in-house counsel has become increasingly apparent.
This available laboratory space for entrepreneurial biotechnology companies like ours gives us a head-start in attracting business partners and helps us bring our product to market, faster," said Advanced Microbotics' Chief Executive Officer Christophe J-P Sevrain.