J-PALJameel Poverty Action Lab (Masssachusetts Institute of Technology)
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The Southeast Asia J-PAL is J-PAL's fifth regional workplace, joining J-PA's at top universities in Chile, France, India, and South Africa.
J-PAL Southeast Asia is based at the Institute of Economic and Social Research (LPEM-FEUI) within the Universitas Indonesia's Faculty of Economics.
Professor Muhammad Anis, rector of the Universitas Indonesia, said, "We are honored that J-PAL SEA is opening at LPEM-FEUI.
J-PAL Southeast Asia will also build the capacity of local researchers and policymakers to evaluate the effectiveness their efforts to combat poverty.
J-PAL is hosting a policy and research conference at Universitas Indonesia tomorrow, where academics, donors and researchers will set the research and policy priorities.
Endorsed by its positive results J-PAL has provided the evidential blue print for future development.
J-PAL has managed and continues to manage three initiatives, the Agricultural Technology Adoption Initiative (ATAI), the Governance Initiative (GI), and the still-nascent Youth Initiative.
5 million and the Initiative received applications from 12 J-PAL affiliates with a total request of $1.
Since its establishment J-PAL has trained 1,1014 individuals, working in 51 countries, on 345 evaluations, and welcomed 70 researchers into its network of research affiliates.
The target of J-PAL program is to improve the quality of the life of 100 million people world-wide in five years.
The organization has made progress in setting up its newest regional office, J-PAL Southeast Asia (to be based at the University of Indonesia, in Jakarta).
With the establishment of regional offices in South Asia, Europe, Latin America, Southeast Asia and Africa, J-PAL has been particularly successful in promoting its objectives in the respective regions.