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J-PARCJapan Proton Accelerator Research Complex (Tokai, Japan)
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The construction of Japan's largest proton accelerator has been initiated within J-PARC (Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex) at the coasts of Tokaimura, about 100 km from Tokyo.
This approach was also followed to predict the hydraulic conductivity of soils at J-PARC.
Summing up, the present work presents the results obtained from nine exploratory boreholes within J-PARC, evaluating the sedimentary sequence and investigating the main properties of the soils to effectively characterize the hydrogeology of the site.
The J-PARC complex is located at the Tokaimura, Ibaraki prefecture, which is approximately 100 km northeast of Tokyo.
A plot for the entire data set shows that hydraulic conductivity in J-PARC is close to this distribution (fig.