J-REITJapanese Real Estate Investment Trust
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Currently, the number of J-REITs for logistics facilities has grown to six with a total market value of more than JPY1 trillion, and the recognition among investors has increased rapidly.
Association for Real Estate Securitization, 2012, J-REIT REPORT Vol.
NPR), a J-REIT externally managed by PLD, priced its initial public offering.
We understand that this is the first J-REIT ADR programme of this kind and we are pleased to offer US investors access to the company's shares via the ADR product,' said Akbar Poonawala, head of Global Equity Services (GES) at Deutsche Bank.
The J-REIT market has contributed a lot to the turnaround of the real estate market in general.
The J-REIT would provide many of the same benefits as a U.
2 REIT s IPOs, MacarthurCook Industrial REIT s IPO, Tokyo Growth J-REIT s IPO, ARA Asset Management s IPO, YTL Corporation s acquisition of interests in Macquarie Prime REIT (now known as Starhill Global REIT) and Starhill Global REIT s first acquisition in Australia.
Prologis initially expects to contribute 12 of its Class-A distribution centers to the J-REIT.
a premier property company in Japan and the first company to form a J-REIT in 2001.
GLP contributes 30 of its properties in Japan to GLP J-REIT for an initial consideration of US$2.
NCRI, Japan's second largest residential J-REIT, filed for civil rehabilitation proceedings on October 9, 2008.
It will also permit the J-REIT, their Japanese identity, a three-year choice to acquire as many as three additional Japan-based warehouses of GLP for a maximum of 12.