J-REITJapanese Real Estate Investment Trust
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MFLP Ichikawa Shiohama to GLP J-REIT announced in June 2016.
Association for Real Estate Securitization, 2012, J-REIT REPORT Vol.
We understand that this is the first J-REIT ADR programme of this kind and we are pleased to offer US investors access to the company's shares via the ADR product,' said Akbar Poonawala, head of Global Equity Services (GES) at Deutsche Bank.
The J-REIT market has contributed a lot to the turnaround of the real estate market in general.
The J-REIT would provide many of the same benefits as a U.
JHR is the largest J-REIT (Japanese Real Estate Investment Trust) in Japan specialising in hotel property investment and currently owns a total of 38 hotels across Japan.
The Tokyo market should benefit from capital infusions in the aftermath of last year's earthquake and a more robust J-REIT market.
is a J-REIT, which listed its shares on Tokyo Stock Exchange (Real Estate Investment Trust Section) in June 2006, specializing in residential rental apartment property investments.
GLP completed GLP Kobe Nishi in January 2015 and sold it to GLP J-REIT in May 2015.
Akbar Poonawala, the head of Deutsche Bank's Global Equity Services, noted that the programme was the first J-REIT ADR programme of that kind.
a premier property company in Japan and the first company to form a J-REIT in 2001.