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8 Acute nasopharyngitis 460 J00 Acute sinusitis 461 J01 Acute pharyngitis 462 J02 Acute tonsillitis 463 J03 Acute laryngitis and 464 J04 tracheitis Acute upper respiratory 465 J06 infections of multiple sites Acute bronchitis and 466 J20, J21 bronchiolitis Bronchitis, not specified as 490 J22 acute or chronic Chronic bronchitis 491 J42 Acute myocarditis 422 I40 Heart failure 428 I50 Adapted from Neuzil et al.
Under the revamped program Kmart is offering more than 100 generic antibiotics and cold treatments for $5 a prescription and has lowered the cost of a three-month supply for many drugs to $10 from $15 at its l J00 pharmacies nationwide.