J4JJustice for Janitors (Service Employees International Union)
J4JJuveniles 4 Justice (Pennsylvania)
J4JJustice for Jeffrey
J4JJAIL (Judicial Accountability Initiative Law) 4 Judges (anti-corruption organization; est. 1995)
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In my early writings about J4J, I discussed how we, as women, by virtue of being raised to be so self-conscious, are making movies all the time in our heads as we move through the world.
When I first met with curator Glenn Phillips, I went in with the feeling that I would have to use my name to get J4J into the institution.
J4J has also helped to bring a racial-justice lens to the school-closure conversation, namely by forcing the public to discuss it within the context of discrimination, segregation, underfunding, and marginalization--both inside and outside of schools.
LeTournean (Box J4J, Folder 38), LeTourneau University.
LeTourneau (Box J4J, Folder 24), LeTourneau University.
More accurately, despite rumors that the SEIU Vancouver office flirted briefly with J4J in the early 1990s, my numerous attempts to discover this story led nowhere, with SEIU union representatives being particularly unhelpful.