JAAKJunulara Alp-Adria Konferenco (Esperanto: Alp-Adriatic Youth Conference)
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Dank geht auch an Agne Civilyte (Vilnius), Joakim Wehlin (Falun), Jaak Mall (Tallinn), Aikaterini Glykou und Daniel Sahlen (beide Stockholm) fur die Gesprache und Korrespondenz bezuglich gemeinsamer Ideen und Plane kunftiger Zusammenarbeit
Jaak Poldmae confines his research to factors related to stress.
Kenis, Leo, Jaak Billiet, and Patrick Pasture, eds.
Evelin Latt (1), Jaak Jurimae (1), Jarek Maestu (1), Priit Purge (1), Raul Ramson (1), Kaja Haljaste (1), Kari L.
One researcher who advocates a liberal definition is Jaak Panksepp of Washington State University in Pullman.
Jaak Panksepp and colleagues argue that the pain system is closely related to the affective system, which is encoded by phylogenetically older brain structures, in contrast to neurological processes dependent on neocortical activation.
USC 6, Washington 1: Steve Johnson, Robert Farah, Jaak Poldma and Daniel Nguyen each won in straight sets in singles and also earned doubles victories as the No.
Davidson, Jaak Rakfeldt, and John Strauss (all medicine, Yale U.
The new facility would allow Univeg to strengthen its position as one of the leading distributors of foodstuff s in Bulgaria and meet higher quality standards, the company's transport and logistics manager Jaak De Witte said.
This begins in Chapter 5, which surveys reflection by thinkers from Descartes to Jaak Panksepp on the effect of music on listeners.
THE TOPIC: Citing the work of Washington State University neuroscientist Jaak Panksepp, Temple Grandin argues that, whether companion, commercial, or captive, all animals under the care of humans deserve "a decent life" and "a painless death.
Kim De Gelder's motive for the knife attack last Friday, which also wounded 10 other young children and two adults, is still unknown, his lawyer Jaak Haentjens said.