JAAOSJournal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
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It is clear that the most efficient journal is the JAAOS, from which one of every six articles published is referenced on an OITE.
Journal clubs incorporating JAAOS, JBJS-Am, and CORR; 2.
21 articles 4 Table 6 "Reading Efficiency" of Top 3 Journals Articles Published 2005-2009 Total Articles Journal Name Referenced on 2005-2009 OITE Published 2005-2009 JBJS Am 169 2,362 JAAOS 86 477 COOR 57 2,870 Combined 317 5,709 "Reading Efficiency Percentage of Articles Published Journal Name 2005-2009 and Referenced on 2005-2009 OITE's JBJS Am 7.