JAARJournal of the American Academy of Religion (quarterly journal)
JAARjoint after-action report (US DoD)
JAARJackson Area Association of Realtors (Jackson, MI)
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and a period of orientation for JAARS pilots and final preparations, the first JAARS Kodiak will play a prominent role in the Experimental Aircraft Association's AirVenture event in Oshkosh, Wis.
Wycliffe members for 24 years, David and his wife, Jane, initially served from 1984-1988 at JAARS in Waxhaw, N.
There he chaired the SIL Indonesia Executive Committee, and served as general manager of JAARS national partner organization, YAJASI, which provides aviation and communications and is located in Papua, Indonesia.
JAARS speeds the Bible translation process by providing quality technical support services and resources.
Information on visiting JAARS, serving in long or short term service opportunities, or supporting JAARS ministries can be found at www.
In addition to producing Bible tools for Wycliffe translators, the Deiblers and others in the JAARS Language and Translation Department enable national and mother tongue translators to translate the Bible more effectively.
At a recent JAARS meeting, Doming passionately told how the Old Testament translation is important.
The dedicated task-group of 38 workers in second floor offices in the JAARS Language Services Center building help to provide both that handle and the sword.
JAARS provides technical support services and resources to help in language-based development programs worldwide.
JAARS assists the Bible translation effort with various support services including aviation and information technology.
Townsend met Valery Morozov when he visited the JAARS center in Waxhaw, North Carolina.