JABEJewish Association for Business Ethics (UK)
JABEJournal of Academy of Business and Economics (International Academy of Business and Economics)
JABEJohn A. Blume (father of earthquake engineering)
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Situando as emissoras a partir do criterio de identificacao com um ou outro grupo (6), as emissoras de radio tendiam a colocar-se nas eleicoes tal como estavam dispostas as posicoes na esfera politica eleitoral: a polarizacao no campo politico local entre Jabes e Roland, no contexto radiofonico, correspondia a rivalidade entre a radio Santa Cruz (AM) e a FM Gabriela.
Much later in life, he reminisces about what he was actually doing, which resembles what Jabes confesses he was doing when writing The Book of Questions.
In Edmond Jabes we have one of the most consummate renderings in literary terms of the post-modern sensibility, as Derrida saw early on.
Edmond Jabes walks, slowly, hands crossed in back, with the steady steps of the nomad, steps sown by the desire of words to come together, the rhythm of question and further question, the cadence of commentary.
Golub quotes Edmund Jabes to help draw the connection between vision and death: "If living means seeing, then dying must mean being seen.
The Jabes Orphanage, in the Mukuru Slum of Nairobi, Kenya, is the home for about 60 children who have lost their parents and grandparents through AIDS.
These remarks are made by Edmond Jabes when he gives written replies to questions people have asked him: "I feel that I exist only outside of any belonging.
Of course, every place is equally exotic and numbingly familiar, and our distance from others, as Edmond Jabes notes, is exactly that of our distance from ourselves.
It was perhaps inevitable that Rosmarie Waldrop should write such a book, granted the many roles she played with regard to Edmond Jabes and his writing.
19) For a discussion of the relationship between exile and poetry, see Derrida's "Edmond Jabes and the Question of the Book.
If Dashiell Hammett had written the stream-of-consciousness detective novel he once claimed he would like to, and that manuscript had been passed on to Edmond Jabes for severe line editing, then stolen by early-career Samuel Beckett to be dosed with bursts of hot humor and jaunty textures, then revisited by late-career Samuel Beckett for cooling and quieting, then borrowed by the late poet Jackson Mac Low to undergo various destabilizing textual operations, we might, if we could lay our hands on the resultant hybrid wonder, have some sense of the baffling, polymorphic territory limned in Robert Majzels stunning antinovel, Apikoros Sleuth.
Jabes Market Research of El Salvador specializes in pharmaceutical, political and opinion polling