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In other words, because the JACCE could make decisions and had in-depth understanding of the supported commander's needs, it applied airpower effectively.
11) Ultimately the Dominicans themselves deserve credit for eradicating illegal flights into their country, but the air component's role demonstrates the critical part that the JACCE can and should play within an interagency task force.
But the JACCE within the interagency task force proved itself the ideal construct for enabling the air component to meet the challenge.
Although JP 3-30 does not include creation of tactical air forces for a partner nation or building partnership capacity as JACCE tasks, this vignette clearly demonstrates the impact of airpower within an interagency JTF.
The air component commander at the time, Lt Gen Glenn Spears, identified the JACCE as the mechanism to tackle air sovereignty in the Dominican Republic, an observation that made airpower sense for a number of reasons.
17) The JACCE harnessed the diverse airpower resources necessary to implement an effects-based Sovereign Skies program and at the same time satisfy interagency concerns.
To ensure that the Dominican Republic does not revert to a destination of choice for DTOs, the JACCE continues to assist in C2 integration and oversees regular AWACS and A-29 crew certifications.
Additionally, it underlines the necessity of placing a JACCE in the interagency, especially at the JTF.
We should examine existing interagency task forces or traditional task forces as opportunities for JACCE involvement.