JACCEJoint Air Component Coordination Element (US DoD)
JACCEJane Addams Center for Civic Engagement (Rockford College; Illinois)
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The 152nd members have taken the lead in conducting total force training in order to create a pool of qualified Airmen able to deploy as JACCE team members, according to Muscatello.
Classes were taught on a variety of Air Force command and control doctrine and procedures, the Air Operations Center, Theater Air-Ground Systems in addition to the duties and responsibilities of JACCE members.
Having served on JACCE teams in multiple COCOMs, our group is well positioned to provide this instruction to the total force in support of our active duty partners, said Lt.
He or she can do so by understanding the available cyberspace forces and requesting support from them, comprehending cyberspace guidance and the Joint Staff Execution Order on "Implementing Cyberspace Operations Command and Control," and setting the foundation for the JFACC to leverage offensive cyberspace operations through a JACCE to the joint cyberspace center (or cyberspace component).
In the case of the JACCE director at JIATFS, located in Florida, the supporting air component is Headquarters Air Forces Southern (AFSOUTH), thousands of miles and multiple time zones away in Arizona.
In other words, because the JACCE could make decisions and had in-depth understanding of the supported commander's needs, it applied airpower effectively.
11) Ultimately the Dominicans themselves deserve credit for eradicating illegal flights into their country, but the air component's role demonstrates the critical part that the JACCE can and should play within an interagency task force.
But the JACCE within the interagency task force proved itself the ideal construct for enabling the air component to meet the challenge.
Although JP 3-30 does not include creation of tactical air forces for a partner nation or building partnership capacity as JACCE tasks, this vignette clearly demonstrates the impact of airpower within an interagency JTF.
The air component commander at the time, Lt Gen Glenn Spears, identified the JACCE as the mechanism to tackle air sovereignty in the Dominican Republic, an observation that made airpower sense for a number of reasons.
17) The JACCE harnessed the diverse airpower resources necessary to implement an effects-based Sovereign Skies program and at the same time satisfy interagency concerns.
Personnel currently used only on the JACCE staff can support the JTF COMAFFOR/ JFACC after establishment of the task force.