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JACKSJoint Acquisition CBRN(Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear) Knowledge System (US DoD)
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Jacks admitted; "but, you see, in the case of theories one must build them brick by brick.
Jacks noticed that although a paper cutter was lying by their side the leaves of all were uncut.
I won't hump you, Jack," he said, contenting himself with calling the requisite two thousand.
And I raise you five thousand just to lend a hand at keeping Jack out," MacDonald said, in turn.
Because if it was, I'd take the lead with you, Jack, and be as wise as Begone, dull Care
Come with me to his house, for Jack is now a farmer and lives in this very pumpkin field.
It is certain that Jack Pumpkinhead might have had a much finer house to live in had he wanted it, for Ozma loved the stupid fellow, who had been her earliest companion; but Jack preferred his pumpkin house, as it matched himself very well, and in this he was not so stupid, after all.
Then he saw old Mombi raise her arm and sprinkle the powder from the box over the pumpkin head of his man Jack.
No, Jack," she said; "you know I do not approve of such exhibitions.
They must ha' thought better on't for some reason or another," said the Jack, "and gone down.
Without saying a word she took hold of the winch (it was turned by handpower then), and round she swung him, and Jack began to flop about inside.
What he did do, with bristling neck-hair, was to stalk stiff-leggedly across the cage, turn about with his face toward the danger, and stalk stiffly back, coming to a pause alongside of Jack, who gave him a good-natured sniff of greeting.