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JACKSJoint Acquisition CBRN Knowledge System (DOD)
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The reporters were the only people who were really happy, with the exception, perhaps of Inspector Jacks, who had a weakness for a difficult case.
And it was at this moment that Jack Kearns suggested poker.
Good dame, I prythee give each of these men a bottrine of wine or a jack of ale.
Jack Maldon; whom I had not expected to see so soon, when I heard the Doctor speak of him that morning.
No, Jack," she said; "you know I do not approve of such exhibitions.
East o' him - see how pretty they string out all along with the humpy shoulders, is Long Jack.
Ah, Jack,' she said, 'I have just been in to see if I can be of any assistance to our new neighbors.
One Holy Thursday of all days in the almanack, we was here as we mid be now, only there was no churning in hand, when we zid the girl's mother coming up to the door, wi' a great brass-mounted umbrella in her hand that would ha' felled an ox, and saying 'Do Jack Dollop work here?
In the Hellespont we saw where Leander and Lord Byron swam across, the one to see her upon whom his soul's affections were fixed with a devotion that only death could impair, and the other merely for a flyer, as Jack says.
It was not far from the Scarecrow's mansion to the farm of Jack Pumpkinhead, and when they arrived there both Uncle Henry and Aunt Em were much impressed.
After considering the matter carefully, Tip decided that the best place to locate Jack would be at the bend in the road, a little way from the house.
A day's journey from the Emerald City brought the little band of adventurers to the home of Jack Pumpkinhead, which was a house formed from the shell of an immense pumpkin.