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JACSJoint Academic Coding System
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JACSJoint Automated CEOI System (US DoD)
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Eberlein, MD, editor of JACS, and I received an admirably prompt, standard rejection letter indicating that the rejection "usually reflects issues of timeliness, a backlog, or beliefs that the material, when complete, did not fit our readership.
Because of the deficiencies in RBECS and JACS and other factors, the Military Communications Electronics Board (MCEB) authorized the development of a new JCEOI program in early 2004.
Asian Sisters held weekly meetings at the JACS office, and they advertised through word of mouth and in Gidra, the local Asian-American activist newspaper.
4350 in issue 18 of JACS, and for other fun and games with fluorine, see more work from the Withers group in Angew.
Doody, Felix Olasagasti, Yvette Kolodji, and Mark Akeson, JACS J.
We found a strong correlation between the temperature at which nacre was deposited during the life of the mollusk and water temperature," explains Pupa Gilbert, a UW-Madison professor of physics and chemistry and the senior author of the new JACS report.
See review by Daniel Gold, JACS 116 (1996): 586-87.
Even though the editor of the JACS received only five out of seven volumes of the Heidelberger Sudasiengesprache, he, I thought it might be worthwhile for this review to look at all the volumes and bring the entire series, as far as I could trace it, to the attention of the readers of our journal.
In the last year, our customers have published papers in Nature Nanotechnology, Nano Letters, ACS Nano, Applied Physics Letters, and JACS.
It updates a JACS consensus article published September 2001.
Ginger Denison and Jason Rolland, co-founders of Liquidia Technologies and co-authors of the JACS publication, are pioneers of the technologies.
Subsequent to the article appearing in JACS, Nature published a brief review highlighting the technology in its "News and Views" section.