JACTJoint Association of Classical Teachers (author group)
JACTJoint Association of Classics Teachers
JACTJournal of the American College of Toxicology
JACTJapanese Association of Casting Technology (metals)
JACTJapanese Animation Club of Tallahassee (est. 1996; Florida State University)
JACTJapanese Association of Clinical Toxicology (est. 1983)
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We've all been so incredibly impressed with how well users have responded to the service during our initial beta phase which we believe reinforces the vitality of PC gaming," said Jimmy Yang, JACT president and co-founder.
To ensure the validity and safety of the proprietary Eamonn program JACT developed to reward BUX, the development team consistently tests and scans its software with the latest and most popular virus, spyware/malware and key logger detection services to ensure Eamonn meets all guidelines for safety and security.
The JACT service is funded through its initial investors and traditional site-based advertisements as well as a new, innovative product placement method in the JACT Mall.
With a diverse set of gamers behind its development, JACT currently supports over 300 PC games in single player and multiplayer mode, including World of Warcraft, Age of Conan, Call of Duty 4 and Team Fortress 2.
Thanks to the strong support from PC gamers, JACT has been off to a great start and we're looking forward to even greater success as the fall and winter lineup of PC games starts rolling around.
BACK 3Jennifer Saunders as Edina REUNION ZJoanna Lumley as boozy Patsy OLD PALS' JACT Jen and Joanna on set
CHECK J OUT Close acting buddies Anna and Joseph hit store to stock up on groceries HUg J Pair are all smiles as they cuddle on street while waiting to be picked up by car TENDER J Joseph grins as Anna gives him a friendly pat on the cheek during one of their chats BEACH J OUTINg Pair have a drink and a stroll in the LA sunshine after taking a trip to the seaside together CLASS JACT Anna leaves West End theatre after starring in show