JADCOJamaica Attractions Development Company
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In an interview with The Associated Press, JADCO chairman Herbert Elliott dismissed Shirley's figures as lies and described her as ''a bit demented'' and ''a Judas.
But the World Anti-Doping Agency confirmed to AP that there was, as Shirley asserted, ''a significant gap of no testing'' by JADCO as athletes trained for London -- and that it would launch an ''extraordinary'' audit of the Jamaican agency.
JADCO is a joint venture betw-een Oman Investment Corporation, Aqeeq Aviation Holdings of Kuwait, and Jadwin Aviation, located in
JADCO intends to build a large, state-of-the-art aircraft conversion centre in Muscat within
Stating that the commissioners' decision have been taken in the national interest and in order to facilitate the re-structuring of JADCO, Neita-Headley further said that the resignations will take effect on December 31, 2013.
Although World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has the option to declare JADCO 'non-compliant' if it fails to resolve its problems, however, the minister insisted that such a sanction has not been taken, adding that at no time has WADA threatened to bar Jamaica from participating in any international events like the Olympic Games or the World Championship.
Former JADCO executive director Renee Anne Shirley first raised concerns about the situation in Jamaica when it was revealed in a Sports Illustrated article the agency conducted just one out-ofcompetition test in the six months before the 2012 Olympics.
Whatever ruling JADCO eventually issues will be reviewed by the International Association of Athletics Federations - track and field's governing body and organiser of the worlds.
Howman also said that normally if they have issues falling into the category of either complaint or concern, they try to work with the particular signatory, in this case JADCO, adding that if nothing happens, then they can declare any of the signatories non-compliant, risking their participation in international events.
JADCO Manufacturing is an ISO 9001:2008- certified provider of wear-resistant products to combat severe impact and abrasion challenges.
Smikle has requested analysis of his 'B' sample and was willing to work with JADCO in any investigation to get this matter dealt with in the best way possible, the report added.
JADCO is a leading fabricator and supplier of impact resistant, wear resistant and abrasion resistant steel plate.