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But the Monju reactor has been beset with problems, some of which the NRA has found the government-backed JAEA to be responsible for.
But because of the risks involved in leaving the liquid waste unprocessed, the JAEA has requested a special exemption to allow the plant to operate the equipment before it passes the safety screenings.
The JAEA demonstration projects can be used to develop estimates of cost and other resource requirements -- and resulting waste volumes -- for defined levels of contaminant reduction, but they cannot be used to specify or justify the numerical goals of the regional cleanup.
Agrega: "La JAEA dice que el problema se debia a un 'ruido electrico', pero era solo una presuncion.
In the last 10 years, the JAEA has held more than 1,000 meetings with people living in an around the town of Tsuruga, in the prefecture of Fukui, and some 40,000 local residents have taken part in guided tours of Monju.
Commented from Toshio Hirayama, Director of the Center for Computational Science and e-Systems of the JAEA, "Supercomputers are indispensible for the kind of scientific computations required in nuclear energy research and development.
Among the total of 4217 events located by Hi-net, we searched for those events whose P- and S-wave arrival times were detected at more than four observatories in the JAEA system.
JAEA carries out R&D work on the full range of fuel cycle activities.
JAEA and Nissan will conduct visualisation tests on engines to determine the causes of friction loss.
84) 10 January 2003, the DPRK announced its "automatic and immediate" effectuation of its withdrawal from the NPT and its "complete free[dom] from the restrictions of the safeguard agreement with the JAEA.
JAEA voluntary contribution allocation from FY2003 NADR funding was $52,900,000.
Enable JAEA to understand ASEANs needs and concerns to counter the challenges on strengthening nuclear security for developing a cooperative scheme to support ASEANs effort for the peaceful use of nuclear and radioactive material.