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But the Monju reactor has been beset with problems, some of which the NRA has found the government-backed JAEA to be responsible for.
The JAEA demonstration projects can be used to develop estimates of cost and other resource requirements -- and resulting waste volumes -- for defined levels of contaminant reduction, but they cannot be used to specify or justify the numerical goals of the regional cleanup.
In the last 10 years, the JAEA has held more than 1,000 meetings with people living in an around the town of Tsuruga, in the prefecture of Fukui, and some 40,000 local residents have taken part in guided tours of Monju.
JAEA voluntary contribution allocation from FY2003 NADR funding was $52,900,000.
The JAEA chairman praised the role of the IAEA in boosting international cooperation to find practical and scientific solutions to developmental challenges facing the world.
The JAEA attributed the error to insufficient information in its service manual, and said it reported the event Monday to the Nuclear Regulation Authority and the local governments, but lagged in making it known to the public as it was too minor an incident to compel it to report to authorities under internal rules.
Officials of the JAEA and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology visited Fukui Prefecture, where the reactor is located, earlier in the day and notified local government officials of the latest plan.
A statement by the JAEA said the conference highlighted the importance of establishing the necessary infrastructure to implement nuclear energy projects, boosting regional and international cooperation on scientific research and developing technology and adopting a strategy to develop Arab human resources.
A written order will be handed over to the JAEA on Thursday.
What the Japanese call "the Great East-Japan Earthquake" has caused significant damage to the JAEA Naka Fusion Research Institute, located some 300 kilometres south of the catastrophe's epicentre.
Under the order, the JAEA will be barred from engaging in preparatory work for resuming the reactor until it rebuilds a maintenance and management system by appropriately allocating funds and human resources to prevent a recurrence.
Construction of the EVEDA Lithium Test Loop (ELiTe) was completed in December 2010 at the JAEA Oarai Centre, Ibaraki prefecture.