JAFRAJapan Foundation for Regional Art
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The Balancing Act's Julie Moran and the skincare experts Pragna Chakravarti and Sheri Lester from JAFRA Cosmetics will help viewers understand something called "Skin Age".
His experience, coupled with strategic planned investments in marketing, consumer experience and infrastructure, will optimally position JAFRA Brazil for further growth and success.
His vision, innovation, and dedication to creating a winning culture will allow JAFRA to attain a new level of excellence.
President of JAFRA Cosmetics International addresses the survey findings and shares advice for home-based business owners.
JAFRA RUCHI COSMETICS, with offices located in prestigious Connaught Place, has begun business with 53 world renowned JAFRA products including its flagship Royal Jelly line, JAFRA Dynamics lines as well as skin brightening and fragrance products selected specifically for the India market.
These regional portals are designed with the same JAFRA brand imagery; however, each portal will offer that region's most frequently-spoken languages as well as information tailored specifically to highlight the products, programs, news and the business opportunity for that particular region.
50) -- Rouge Divine Ultra Shine Lip Gloss ($10) -- Powder Blush Trio - Sky and Earthy Brown ($16) -- Dark Secret Nail Lacquer ($7) About JAFRA
Friedrich Kroos, JAFRA president and chief executive officer.
JAFRA DYNAMICS also contains unique plant extract blends, exploring the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, "the science of life," a tradition from India, whose natural ingredients have proven benefits for more than 5,000 years.
Currently JAFRA offers more than 700 cosmetic and skin-care products sold through an international network of consultants.
Aligning all our business strategies accordingly, will make JAFRA grow in the countries we are already represented in, and will make JAFRA successful in conquering new markets in the future.
Janice Jackson named Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, JAFRA Worldwide