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JALDAJapan Agricultural Land Development Agency
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The JALDA card is designed to offer consumers secure payment for streamed services such as music, video and online games.
But you can also buy goods online up to the balance remaining in your Jalda account.
Jalda makes micro- and session based payments possible from both fixed and mobile devices with Internet access.
We are delighted to be working in cooperation with RSA Security to promote security in e-commerce because we can now offer our customers security that is considered the industry's de facto standard," said Per Brantberg, general manager of Jalda.
Jalda is an open and global payment method developed by EHPT, a company jointly owned by Ericsson and Hewlett-Packard.
Through this business and capital alliance with Ericsson, the world's leading communications supplier, eBANK will be able to lead the way in e-commerce by offering the Japanese consumer exactly this, through the Jalda payment method.
By establishing Jalda as an Internet payment method in Japan, together with eBANK we can offer Japanese consumers a way to purchase goods and services from any Internet terminal, such as a PC or a mobile phone, with total security and integrity," states Morgan Bengtsson, President of Ericsson in Japan.
Showcasing Jalda by using the Ecast network and Ericsson phones is a demonstration that everyone can appreciate.
Matt Rodgers, vice president of development at Ecast, stated: "The flexible architecture of our platform makes it easy to add innovative new applications like the Jalda mobile payment method.
The order is then processed through Jalda and after credit clearance is sent on to the jukebox.
Jalda is a non-proprietary, highly secure, multi-purpose payment system for Internet commerce.
The fact that Jalda enables end-to-end secure session-based micropayments opens the door to markets which previously could not be reached by the Internet.