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JAMAJournal of the American Medical Association
JAMAJapan Automobile Manufacturers Association
JAMAJava Matrix Package
JAMAJackson Area Manufacturers Association (Jackson, MI)
JAMAJoint Airborne MASINT Architecture
JAMAJohn A. Martin and Associates (structural engineering and design; Los Angeles, CA)
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The recommendation was accompanied by several editorials published online July 26 in JAMA journals.
In addition, thousands of images from The JAMA Network[R] journals will be incorporated into DynaMed Plus allowing physicians seeking evidence-based answers for clinical decision-making to view highly relevant images in the same location, and make the most useful content from The JAMA Network more fully accessible at the point of care.
This edition of JAMA is just one project in a series of those initiated by Annette Flanagin with a focus on children and children's mental health.
JAMA pointed out that some argue that EU Member States can use registration taxes to promote the introduction of greener cars, but JAMA believes that the elimination of passenger car registration taxes and an increased focus on car usage, with an environmental element such as CO2 emissions, will serve to encourage EU consumers to opt for cleaner cars.
Health Canada is reviewing the JAMA findings and assessing availability of the products in Canada, with results posted on the agency's website.
Does one really believe that JAMA would publish the work of pro-life medical personnel supportive of the Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act without mentioning their affiliations?
7% for the first decrease in eight years due to increased local production by Japanese automakers and the yen's appreciation against the dollar, JAMA said.
At least eight studies have shown that industry-sponsored research that gets published tends to produce pro-industry conclusions, according to a review by Yale University researchers that appeared last year in the JAMA.
According to the JAMA report, "It is estimated that over 80 percent of the two-wheeled vehicles produced are counterfeit/copied goods.
The agreement with the ACEA was concluded in 1998, and agreements with JAMA and KAMA in 1999.
In its June 5 issue, JAMA revisits the ethically charged area of peer review of medical studies, devoting the entire issue to the subject.
Rosen, released their reanalysis in JAMA, one of the nation's foremost medical journals.