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JAMAJournal of the American Medical Association
JAMAJapan Automobile Manufacturers Association
JAMAJava Matrix Package
JAMAJackson Area Manufacturers Association (Jackson, MI)
JAMAJoint Airborne MASINT Architecture
JAMAJohn A. Martin and Associates (structural engineering and design; Los Angeles, CA)
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Health Canada is reviewing the JAMA findings and assessing availability of the products in Canada, with results posted on the agency's website.
In a third report in JAMA, Flum and other Seattle-based investigators examined surgery's risks among bariatric patients who receive Medicare.
As Anand told the New York Times after the JAMA controversy broke: "By the second trimester, all bets are off and I would argue that in the absence of absolute proof we should give the fetus the benefit of the doubt if we are going to call ourselves compassionate and humane physicians.
JAMA pointed out that some argue that EU Member States can use registration taxes to promote the introduction of greener cars, but JAMA believes that the elimination of passenger car registration taxes and an increased focus on car usage, with an environmental element such as CO2 emissions, will serve to encourage EU consumers to opt for cleaner cars.
JAMA is a nonprofit organization composed of 14 Japanese automobile and motorcycle manufacturers to support the sound development of Japan's automobile industry and to contribute to economic and social welfare.
In September 2000, for example, JAMA published a paper comparing the prescription painkiller Celebrex to over-the-counter ibuprofen.
7% for the first decrease in eight years due to increased local production by Japanese automakers and the yen's appreciation against the dollar, JAMA said.
Integrated e-commerce - New custom built JAMA Network store streamlines the purchase of subscriptions, CME, articles, and other resources.
NEW YORK, March 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Taking evidence-based medicine to the next level for the entire field of healthcare, McGraw-Hill Education, the learning sciences company, and JAMA, the world's most widely circulated medical journal, announced the launch of an all-new platform for JAMAevidence, the premier online resource for learning, teaching, and applying evidence-based medicine (EBM).
Laumann says that corporate interests had nothing to do with the conclusions of his article for JAMA.
The brochure reviews current and historical Japanese automaker investment in America, and demonstrates how JAMA member companies are meeting the demand for energy-efficient, environmentally friendly vehicles in the U.
A few months earlier, editor-in-chief Howard Bauchner published an editorial asserting that JAMA had the right to independently review study data because "the first priority in decisions about publication will always be the integrity of the research.