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JAMISJob Cost Accounting Management Information System
JAMISJournal of the American Musical Instrument Society (annual publication)
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The JAMIS software products provide DCAA-compliant technology solutions for contract-driven organizations that serve the government -- including job cost, job billing, contract administration, time and expense, reporting and analytics.
The JAMIS Software tools primarily serve project-driven organizations, including government contractors, research institutes and the government services divisions of large consulting organizations.
Their selection of JAMIS is a clear indication that leading government contractors want solutions designed especially to address their unique needs.
The work AFAC does is vital, particularly during what can be a very difficult time of the year for many families," said Jeff Noolas, President and CEO of JAMIS Software.
About JAMIS Software Corporation: JAMIS Software Corporation has been providing leading edge accounting and labor management software solutions to government contractors for over two decades.
JAMIS Open software is the latest version of JAMIS, Job Cost Accounting/Management Information System, a contractor project management and accounting system that has provided job cost accounting to government and commercial contractor markets for more than ten years.
By integrating MIS in JAMIS Open, we give our client base advanced flexibility in financial reporting.
Anyone interested in receiving a new bike simply needs to tell Bicycling, in 50 words or less, how having a Jamis Commuter 1 bike would help make a change in his or her life.
All selected participants will receive a new Jamis Commuter 1 bike, a helmet and a lock.
According to Don Belter, director, Internet Services at Maxwell Systems, JAMIS e-timecard product growth in the last two years has been explosive.
In addition, we've started to see companies migrate to the JAMIS product from competitive applications because of the scalability of JAMIS and JAMIS Timecard.
The largest of the three contracts is from Unisys Federal Systems, which will use JAMIS to satisfy their accounting needs and manage their government contracts.