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JANCAJunior Achievement of the National Capital Area
JANCAJapan NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) Council on Aging (est. 1998)
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Maes, Mylle, Delmeire, and Janca (2001) also reported that stressful life events prior to a disaster (a ballroom fire) were unrelated to the severity of PTSD, but stressful life events occurring subsequent to the disaster were related to PTSD severity.
Further, definitions of alcoholism vary across research and across cultures (Bennett, Janca, Grant, & Sartorius, 1993) and these definitions, including DSM-IV criteria, continue to be debated (Schuckit, 1994).
Many are Moorpark Playhouse regulars like Kathi Janca Gravino, a longtime Moorpark resident who recently moved to Thousand Oaks.
Janca, assistant vice president at First Union Management.
Janca provides a thorough description of types of fields and their physiochemical fundamentals, instrumentation, detectors and auxilliary equipment, its recent development and applications.
Janet Brelin-Fornari (director of Crash Safety Center) and our great crash lab team headed by Sheryl Janca, we have a unique program in crash safety here at Kettering complete with a crash sled lab.
Aleksandar Janca is Winthrop Professor and Head of the School of Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, University of Western Australia.
Janca A, Kastrup M, Katschnig H, Lopez-Ibor JJJr, Mezzich JE, Sartorius N .
Es zona de pastoreo y crianza de vacunos, equinos, ovejas, cerdos y aves, en ella se asienta el centro poblado mas importante, Chacayan; la Suni de tierras frias, y la Puna de altiplanos y riscos muy frios se asientan los caserios de Gorgorin, Untupuquio, Iscaycocha, Malarin, dedicados fundamentalmente a la crianza de ganado ovino y camelidos como las llamas y alpacas; el piso mas alto es el de la Janca de cumbres nevadas.
Respondents were classified based upon three criteria for alcohol and/or drug problems: (1) consumption, (2) dependence (ICD-10, Janca, Ustin, & Sartorius, 1994) and/or (3) alcohol- or drug-related life-area problems.
Janca A, Robins LN, Bucholz, KK, Early TS, Shakya, JJ.
This will allow us to deliver information as well as offer a marketplace for products," comments SCS chief executive officer Dave Janca, who explains that his company and Nonstop were working on separate business-to-business hubs before their merger.