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I want to give myself as many options as possible for stable asset growth to be used either for retirement income or cash access as I grow older and retire," continued Janca.
The main objective is to increase the competitiveness of companies JANCA VM sro through the establishment of a comprehensive system of management and human resource development (HRD) and training of employees in the company.
She is helped by the Munchkins and Glinda the Good (the likable Susan Burns) and threatened by the Wicked Witch (a delightfully fiendish performance by Kathi Janca Sowell) and her flying monkeys.
Hamacher will benefit everyone in the industry," stated David Janca, Vice President, Marketing, Strategy and Business Development for NONSTOP.
I am very pleased to have Rich join our management team," said David Janca, Vice President, Web Services for NonstopRx.
Carsten is widely recognized as a pharmaceutical industry thought leader and will bring tremendous value to our customers as we further expand into the pharmaceutical manufacturer sector," said David Janca, Vice President of Web Services for NonstopRx.
We are very excited to be joining NONSTOP," said Dave Janca, President of Supply Chain Solutions.
We anticipate that Strauss, like all of our customers, will begin to realize their return on investment within the first year of implementation," said David Janca, SCS' Chief Operating Officer.
Janca, the President and CEO of SCS, emphasized that, "Our extensive experience in this industry has helped us to position a unique service for the high volume trading market.
Our efforts in the automotive aftermarket have hit a unique chord with major retailers and wholesalers," stated David Janca, President and COO of SCS.
For nearly two years, we have had the fortune to gain significant market penetration of our advanced VMI system" said SCS' President and COO David Janca.