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JANEJaguar Association of New England (car club)
JANEJohn and Ann Niederhauser Endowment (est. 1990; American Phytopathological Society)
JANEJoint Arrangement Non Entity (financial reporting status; UK)
JANEJoint Air Force Navy Experiment
JANEJoint Air Navigation Experiments (Germany)
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But, Jane, I summon you as my wife: it is you only I intend to marry.
You are certainly not such a fool as you look, Jane," said Agatha gravely.
He found a crooked sixpence under the hearth-rug; and upon Christmas Eve he and Hunca Munca stuffed it into one of the stockings of Lucinda and Jane.
She was shown into the breakfast-parlour, where all but Jane were assembled, and where her appearance created a great deal of surprise.
and "A little bit of this pie, Mr Moore; Jane made it," and Jerry sitting there with a feeble grin, saying "Yes" and "No" and nothing much more, while Miss Jane's eyes are snapping like Fifth of November fireworks.
On and on they went through what seemed to Jane a solid mass of verdure, yet ever there appeared to open before this forest god a passage, as by magic, which closed behind them as they passed.
Do you know, Jane, I sometimes wonder whether I ever did really fly.
In the instant that the lion sank, lifeless, to the ground, Jane Clayton threw herself into the eager arms of her husband.
Three days from the spot where Tarzan had been marooned the Kincaid came to anchor in the mouth of a great river, and presently Rokoff came to Jane Clayton's cabin.
If Tarzan of the Apes could do this thing to save Jane Porter from unhappiness, why should he, to whose care she was intrusting her whole future, do aught to jeopardize her interests?
Probably Jane was engaged, too; rumor averred that Ruby Gillis was engaged to the Spencervale schoolteacher, about whom all the girls were said to be quite wild.
The situation was a terrible one--equally terrible if his wife discovered Lady Jane, or if Lady Jane discovered his wife.