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JANISJoint Army Navy Intelligence Studies
JANISJuvenile Abuse and Neglect Information System (West Virginia)
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Supt Mick Paterson, of Northumbria Police's Northumberland Area Command, said: "I want to thank those who attended the public meeting in Catton this week in relation to the disappearance of Janis Hall.
Byron Janis is internationally regarded as one of the world's most remarkable pianists.
Janis is also responsible for songs such as Jesse, Stars, and At Seventeen - which earned her a record-breaking five Grammy nominations in 1975.
Janis was always honest about Amy's problems, never shying away from awkward questions as the troubled star careered from crisis to crisis.
Janis said: "I wanted to raise my concerns with Mr Clegg, as is right and proper and by no means unreasonable in the horrific circumstances to which Gary and I are being subjected.
Janis said Scot Gary, who has Asperger's syndrome, was fragile mentally and would get worse if he was extradited.
But it was an even bigger bombshell to Janis - who was alive and well and living in London.
And with a new album, Folk Is The New Black, just released, Janis says it could be her best in 30 years.
Assured deadpan comedy, in which a mousy housewife and a loser actor achieve self-actualization by posing as Janis Joplin and John Lennon, is a lively, stylishly rendered venture that marks a sharp bigscreen debut by co-scripter/ helmer Samuel Benchetrit, and a dynamite final role for thesp Marie Trintignant, who was killed by her b.
Cathy Richardson, a 30-something Chicago native who stars in the off-Broadway musical Love, Janis, reveals that there is an unexpected irony to playing one of the wildest women in the history of rock and roll.