JAOPJoint Air Operations Plan (Joint Aerospace Command & Control)
JAOPJoint Analysis Operations Program
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However, it may seem redundant to develop, present, and repeat the JFC's and JFACC's mission statement, commander's intent, and end states throughout numerous documents (campaign plan, JFC estimate, JFACC staff estimate, JAOP, AOD, area air defense plan, airspace control plan, and JFACC's daily guidance).
the JAOP, AOD, ATO, SPINS, and daily updated commander's guidance).
59) During a recent syllabus exercise in creating a JAOP, a facilitator and instructor at the Air Force's AOC replacement training unit embraced the idea of taking away majors' weapons school patches and reissuing them only when the wearer demonstrated knowledge in planning air operations.
The JFACC normally leads the JAOP process, which plans and executes targeting priorities determined by the JTCB.
If adopted, an AOD with integrated ISR effects could be the means for conveying the JFC's ISR strategy through the JFACC's JAOP process.
The JAOP contains the JFC's and JFACC's intent for each phase of the operation, whereas the AODs include the JFACC's intent for a specific ATO or period of time.
Developing a single JAOP to support a single JFC is difficult, as is developing several disparate JAOPs to support CENTCOM and multiple JTFs.
Several source documents should supplement the JAOP.
To achieve its mission, the UK JFACHQ structure was intended to provide the JFACC with an HQ that could plan air operations from the provision of input to the national military-strategic and operational-level planning processes; the joint air estimate process, through to JAOP development; and, once in-theatre, the development of air operations directives, air tasking orders, and airspace control orders through execution and both combat and operational assessment.