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JAPJournal of Applied Physiology
JAPJournal of Applied Psychology
JAPJournal of Applied Probability
JAPJava Anonymous Proxy
JAPJuventudes de Accion Popular (Spanish: Youth of Popular Action; political group)
JAPJohn Alfred Prestwich (British manufacturer of motorcycle engines)
JAPJeunes Alliances Paysannes (French: Young Farmers' Alliances; Belgium)
JAPFédération Nationale des Jeunes Alliances Paysannes
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The MJA and JAP announced their unity after 13 years and this is on fourth occasion that Hafiz Ibtisam, son of late Allama Ehsan Elahi Zaheer, posing confidence on Professor Mir agreed to work under him unconditionally.
Jap Parts also struggled but despite T Ramzan (4-21) they managed to win on 78-8.
Those estimates were based on army intelligence information that there were only 300 Japs on the island.
Mr Witherow believes joining forces with the club will prove a mutually beneficial partnership - providing exposure for Aruto Jap Spares and helping Coventry City improve this season.
In addition to reducing the influx of juveniles processed by SCDJJ, successful JAP graduates may be imbued with a sense of potential punishments should they re-enter the criminal justice system on another offense, and also learn accountability for their actions.
Jap and I were on our feet with the rest as all the bands took a bow, and we walked out to the parking lot together.
The JAP proposes improving the skills match between supply and demand on the labour market and taking measures to improve the employment rates for women (49.
And while Jewish parents may have been spoiling their daughters for ages, the word JAP is still relatively young, first appearing in 1973, though ever a kitten of controversy in the post-World War II American Jewish vocabulary.
JAP acquired it for $316,000 more than two years ago from Jerry Meyer.
On the outskirts of Fannett, Texas, there is a little ol' path with a not-so-subtle name: they call it Jap Road.
Wiel Arets, Jap Coenen, Diener & Diener, Hans Kollhoff, Enric Miralles, MVRDV and many others have contributed.
It was then that a woman who saw him snarled, ``Another goddamn Jap,'' the 84-year-old Usui recalled at the San Fernando Valley Japanese-American Community Service Center, where the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4140 meets.