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JAPJournal of Applied Physiology
JAPJournal of Applied Psychology
JAPJournal of Applied Probability
JAPJava Anonymous Proxy
JAPJuventudes de Accion Popular (Spanish: Youth of Popular Action; political group)
JAPJohn Alfred Prestwich (British manufacturer of motorcycle engines)
JAPJeunes Alliances Paysannes (French: Young Farmers' Alliances; Belgium)
JAPFédération Nationale des Jeunes Alliances Paysannes
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Joining the Active Ambassadors initiative will also provide benefits to Pete by helping to raise the profile of Auto Jap Spares.
Results: Division A: On Time A 110-7 (A Karim 25, R Rashid 26) lost to Jap Parts UK 112-2 (K Hussain 54no); Boro Cars 143-7 (T Aziz 30, R Nawaz 38, H Raja 29no, A Yaqoob 4-33) beat Rendezvous A 102-9 (J Heaney 25, H Raja 4-19); Specsavers 98 (T Hussain 29, S Hussain 5-18) lost to Britannia Brands 100-3 (C Morrison 33no).
In addition to reducing the influx of juveniles processed by SCDJJ, successful JAP graduates may be imbued with a sense of potential punishments should they re-enter the criminal justice system on another offense, and also learn accountability for their actions.
There has been huge growth in the number of materials science submissions to JAP and APL over the last few years," says Mark Cassar, AIP publisher.
The American Heritage Dictionary calls JAP "offensive slang" and defines it as "a Jewish American girl or woman regarded as being pampered or overindulged.
The commissioners of Jefferson County, Texas, voted unanimously to change the name of Jap Road in July, after a decade-long campaign by civil rights groups.
Wiel Arets, Jap Coenen, Diener & Diener, Hans Kollhoff, Enric Miralles, MVRDV and many others have contributed.
The Echo's Man About Town talked to an amiable Jap Tar but made him sound like Benny Hill doing his corniest impersonation of a Chinese.
At a critical moment, Van Johnson would rescue Robert Mitchum and kill the Jap who was on Mitchum's tail.
As the polished queen of the film, Barbra truly becomes the JAP Nightmare.
Tenders are invited for construction of khamani bridge near barabudh of goalbari gp out of jap fund 2015-16
BRITANNIA Brands consolidated their position at the top of the Jap Parts (Stockton) Midweek League's A Division with a five-wicket win over On Time A.