JAPCJoint Administrative Procedures Committee (Florida)
JAPCJapan Atomic Power Co.
JAPCJournal of Asian Pacific Communication (John Benjamins Publishing Company)
JAPCJoint Air Photo Center
JAPCJapan Association of Parasite Control (est. 1955)
JAPCJust Another Proxy Client
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JAPC is required to maintain a continuous review of the rulemaking process, including a review of agency procedures and of complaints based on such procedures.
The contents of the annual report that JAPC files with the legislature was modified by the act, as well.
JAPC has had standing to seek administrative and judicial review of any administrative rule that it has voted an objection to, that has not been withdrawn, modified, repealed, or amended to meet the objection.
Even though JAPC has had standing to seek administrative and judicial review of an agency rule, it has been inhibited from seeking either type of review.
It is "voluntary" because the act does not require an agency to suspend the adoption of a proposed rule or the operation of an existing rule upon a request from JAPC.
Under the terms of the rule suspension process, JAPC must certify to the promulgating agency that it has voted to recommend the introduction of legislation to modify or suspend a rule within five days of that determination.
Notice of suspension, which is effective upon publication, must be given in the Florida Administrative Weekly if the agency agrees to the JAPC request.
JAPC may submit to the president of the Senate and the speaker of the House a recommendation that legislation be introduced to modify or suspend the adoption of a proposed rule, or amend or repeal a rule, if JAPC votes an objection to a proposed or existing rule and the agency fails to initiate administrative action to modify, amend, withdraw, or repeal the rule consistent with the objection within 60 days, or thereafter fails to proceed in good faith to complete the action.
JAPC is not authorized to file the bill for introduction, however.
The Keller "4" State Com #1 is located in the western half of Section 4 of the Custer Mountain North Unit and pursuant to the Letter Agreement JAPC will acquire an approximate 23,28% interest Before Payout and, subject to certain conditions, a 20.
The Keller "4" State Com #1 well will test the Atoka / Morrow Formations at an approximate depth of 14,500 feet, with the estimated Dry Hole cost to JAPC of US$ 700,000