JAPCJoint Administrative Procedures Committee (Florida)
JAPCJapan Atomic Power Co.
JAPCJournal of Asian Pacific Communication (John Benjamins Publishing Company)
JAPCJoint Air Photo Center
JAPCJapan Association of Parasite Control (est. 1955)
JAPCJust Another Proxy Client
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The notice of change must be supported by the record of public hearings held on the rule; be in response to written material submitted to the agency within 21 days after publication of the notice of proposed rulemaking; be in response to written material received by the end of the final public hearing; or be in response to a proposed objection by JAPC.
The time period for filing a rule for adoption may be "tolled" in response to a proposed objection by JAPC 34 However, the agency must receive specific notification from JAPC in order to toll the proposed rule.
We believe that signing this contract with JAPC for technical support services will significantly advance the construction of the new nuclear power station at Wylfa Newydd.
As a pioneer of nuclear power generation, JAPC has been at the forefront of its field since it was formed as a dedicated nuclear power company in November 1957.
Moreover the firm said, to ensure successful implementation of this agreement, JAPC personnel will participate in the D&D (decommissioning and decontamination) project currently being preformed at the Zion Nuclear Power Station located north of Chicago.
Subsequently, EnergySolutions personnel will join the JAPC Tsuruga Unit 1 project team in Japan to bolster effective knowledge transfer and execution of EnergySolutions' experience and skills.
Decommissioning and we believe this partnership with JAPC will further strengthen our capabilities on an international level.
18) The 2007 bill also would have made clear that JAPC is authorized to review and object to unadopted agency statements.
On March 31, 1997, the day before the Uniform Rules of Procedure became effective, JAPC voted objections to portions of three of the uniform rules: subsection 28-103.
After that time, JAPC or any substantially affected person may file a rule challenge petition which relies on the new standard.
Pursuant to the Letter Agreement Devon Energy will assign JAPC an undivided 12.
Any legal discretion that an agency may have to deny a petition directed at an unadopted rule ignores the political pressure to initiate rulemaking in light of the JAPC and legislative review of the agency's decision not to do so.