JAPDEVAJunta Administrativa Portuaria de Desarrollo de la Vertiente Atlántica (Spanish: Port Management Board of the Atlantic Coast Development; Costa Rica)
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22, SINTRAJAP announced the start of a JAPDEVA dockworkers' strike supporting the union's demand that the contract be renegotiated and the clause eliminated.
The following morning, JAPDEVA president Ann McKinley told the Costa Rican Radio AdN that local personnel had been hired--later on, workers would be brought in from countries in the region--and that normal port activity was about to resume.
As government-union talks eventually got underway, the complex dialogue led both parties to agree on a proposal--Plan de Fortalecimiento de JAPDEVA y Desarrollo de la Provincia de Limon--on Oct.
With this contract JAPDEVA, the autonomous government body that manages the ports in Puerto Limon on the Atlantic side of Costa Rica, will expand its fleet of Damen-designed and -built vessels to five ships: the new Damen STe 1504, one other Damen Stan Tender and three Damen Stan Tugs.