JASDECJapan Securities Depository Centre
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It offers a comprehensive multi-language post-trade solution for equities, fixed income and related instruments with interfaces to both JASDEC and the Bank of Japan, together with regulatory and legal reporting for Japan.
JASDEC wanted to deploy a platform on which to publish and share their usage guidelines and the ability not only to browse but to download it in multiple formats.
As part of government measures, electronic data on all stock certificates will be transmitted via their owners' accounts at their brokerage firms to JASDEC, which is a joint stock company funded by Tokyo Stock Exchange Group Inc.
Now there is real choice available to all banks and brokers in Japan looking to connect to BOJ and JASDEC to process Japanese equities and fixed income on a modern, real-time, globally-proven solution that also offers extensive international capabilities.
If delisted from the TSE, Livedoor will no longer be able to use JASDEC for depositing equity shares.
JASDEC took four months for returning equity shares to Kanebo Ltd.
The move to JASDEC is therefore expected to give overseas investors access to all foreign stocks given that a greater number of custodian banks have accounts with JASDEC.
For more information on this change, please refer to the following JASDEC press release at http://www.
26 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- Xinhua Finance (TSE Mothers: 9399), China's premier financial services and media company, today praised the plan by the Tokyo Stock Exchange ("TSE") to change the settlement entity for foreign TSE-listed stocks from the JSSC to JASDEC.
The interface between Omgeo and JASDEC will provide the first, and so far only, single point of access to both domestic and cross-border trades.
JASDEC is currently engaged in the extensive development of a delivery-versus-payment settlement model, similar to that of DTCC's depository.
JASDEC, which used to manage only Japanese domestic issues, has now assumed responsibility for nearly all of these and other non-Japanese issues.