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Wilf's contribution to this contract is reflected in a 1993 NTIS report and a 1996 article in JASIS on evaluating interactive knowledge-based systems.
The key publications on the TDV indexing model are a Cornell technical report (Salton, 1974) that was republished a year later as a monograph (Salton, 1975), an article in the January-February 1975 issue of the JASIS (Salton, Yang, & Yu, 1975), and an article in the November 1975 issue of CACM (Salton, Wong, & Yang, 1975).
The articles in CACM and JASIS (particularly the former) had the greatest impact on how the VSM came to be viewed.
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1997) "A Discipline Independent Definition of Information" 48 JASIS Issue 3 (1997)