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Wilf's contribution to this contract is reflected in a 1993 NTIS report and a 1996 article in JASIS on evaluating interactive knowledge-based systems.
In giving credit to Salton for the vector model, a number of authors cite an overview paper titled "A Vector Space Model for Information Retrieval," which some show as published in the JASIS in 1975 and others as published in the Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery (CACM) in 1975.
The key publications on the TDV indexing model are a Cornell technical report (Salton, 1974) that was republished a year later as a monograph (Salton, 1975), an article in the January-February 1975 issue of the JASIS (Salton, Yang, & Yu, 1975), and an article in the November 1975 issue of CACM (Salton, Wong, & Yang, 1975).
The articles in CACM and JASIS (particularly the former) had the greatest impact on how the VSM came to be viewed.
The authors and peer reviewers of JASIS do not publish their financials, but I know that their net income from the publisher remained the same.
Pay an honorarium to many of the same authors and editors who write for JASIS
His 197:3 paper in JASIS on co-citation in the scientific literature led to numerous papers on citation analysis and the mapping of science.
LIS educators tend to publish theoretically oriented articles in journals such as JASIS, whereas academic librarians tend to publish more applied, institutionally oriented articles in journals such as College & Research Libraries.
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