JASMYNJacksonville Area Sexual Minority Youth Network (Florida)
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The youth representatives meet with the council every month and then report to the board what the youth at JASMYN are telling us.
The testing will be a part of a 'Community Day of Health' in which a variety of free health information and screenings will be offered by AIDS Healthcare Foundation, JASMYN, DCHD New Deal, Health Planning Council, APEL Prostate and APEL YouthLink.
Working with respected local partners, including JASMYN and the APEL Health Services, we plan on demonstrating just how easy HIV testing can be.
The mission of JASMYN is to support and empower lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth ages 13-23 by creating safe space, providing youth development programs, and bringing people and resources together to promote diversity and human rights.
TESTING EVENT LOCATION - JASMYN, 923 Peninsular Place, Jacksonville FL 32204
JASMYN is a Florida registered HIV testing site for anonymous and confidential HIV testing.
Of the youth who regularly attend JASMYN social events, educational programming, and STD/HIV prevention 70.