JASPARJapan Automotive Software Platform and Architecture
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A) The JASPAR CORE Vertebrata server was used to search a 3,500-bp region around the transcriptional start site of annotated genes, and antagonistically regulated genes were compared with 100 genes from the microarray platform that were not significantly regulated by Dex or Gen.
JASPAR, the open access database of transcription factor-binding profiles: new content and tools in the 2008 update.
Matt Jones, vice president of GENIVI Alliance, said, 'The collaboration between JASPAR and GENIVI is a prime example of another technical relationship event that will ease integration of wired and wireless communications for next generation infotainment systems.
Honda's decision to join the JASPAR (Japan Automotive Software Platform and Architecture) consortium formed recently by Toyota and Nissan lends great credibility to the group.
JASPAR, created to develop a unified architecture for vehicle networking and software development, now includes the "big three" OEM players in the region enjoying increasing automotive production levels.
JASPAR says that it's inclusive and will contribute to the standards-setting efforts of other consortia.
Only time will tell if JASPAR truly brings unity to networking and software used by Japanese OEMs and their suppliers," offers Benjamin, "but if Honda, Nissan, and Toyota really stick to this consortium, would you want to be the automotive supplier that ignores them?
Por el contrario, Jaspars y Hewstone (1988), le atribuyen a la perspectiva excluida una importancia porque ellas son representaciones subjetivas del mundo en que vivimos.