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JATAJapan Association of Travel Agents
JATAJapan Anti-Tuberculosis Association
JATAJason and the Argonauts (movie)
JATAJay and the Americans (vocal group)
JATAJana Abrams Talent Agency (Canada)
JATAJ.A. Thomas & Associates, Inc. (est. 1991; healthcare compliance)
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The sample was asked to make decisions via the JATA developed by
We have added JATA Tokyo to our global promotional tour as it gives us the perfect opportunity to promote Abu Dhabi to what is likely to become an increasingly important market for ADNEC," concluded Mr Horgan.
Toy (1990), "Factors Associated with Household Demand for Tax Preparers", Jata, Vol.
However, Jata also seems to have an Islamic flavor, for sacrifice in her name may not include pork, but only goat meat (Zimmermann 1969: 317-324).
Chelsea is the second member of the Moss family to pick up a title - last year sister Joanne, now 11, won national titles at Jata Ju Jitsu and kickboxing.
14 Factor Source: Transport Ministry Table-9 Number of air passengers by airlines Domestic flights Detail 1999 2000 2001 Garuda 3,337,490 3,861,287 4,409,891 Merpati 1,493,521 1,690,805 1,951,237 Lion 43,455 181,684 Bayu 26,449 42,213 Awair 116,291 208,376 Mandala 819,134 1,015,056 1,243,880 Bouraq 598,491 713,014 521,881 Dirgantara 116,845 123,444 127,896 Star Air 77,548 Airmark 36,651 Pelita 32,769 244,228 Kartika 51,215 Jata 71,359 Subtotal 6,365,481 7,622,570 9,168,059 Detail 2002 2003 Growth % Garuda 4,679,566 5,631,868 14.
V: kule ara raagi= nuud, palun no jata noh=s, jata jargi, no toesti, no sa raagid taitsa rumalusi ajad praegu suust valja 'listen don't speak now, please stop it'
Package tours to Asia are down a full 65 percent, according to JATA.
However, the index was only one fourth of the JATA average in 1997 (see Table 5).
When the fact-finding team met Aziz Tankarvi, editor, of Gujarat Today, known to represent the Muslim voice,' he said unequivocally, "murder ho jata hai, chot lagti hai, to aadmi chup sahan kar leta hai, lekin agar maa, behen, beti ke saath ziyadti hoti hai to voh jawaab dega, badla lega.
such as its theme parks, has apparently dimmed,'' said JATA Chairman Koji Shinmachi.
In fact, a more literal translation of the original "sui ki nok tale jaise koi kira dab jata hai"10 is "in the way some insect is pressed under the point of a pin.