JATDIJoint Aviation Technical Data Integration
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With JATDI providing squadrons immediate access to technical data in a regularly updated environment, the Navy can complete maintenance faster and more accurately, at less expense," said Barry Wilson, the JATDI program manager at Intergraph Government Solutions.
For more information about JATDI, visit http://jatdi.
NOTE TO EDITORS: For digital images related to the USS Lincoln or JATDI, visit http://jatdi.
Any hardware and software that can access the internet can utilize the desktop icons via the JATDI homepage.
JATDI evolved out of the requirement to convert to a paperless environment and more importantly out of a need to reorient infrastructure resources to direct support of the warfighter.
JATDI has also deployed in support of ongoing contingency operations.
Access to data is restricted by numerous statutory and proprietary security requirements and was a major impediment for the adoption of a JATDI type system.
JATDI is not just an aviation solution to the flood of paper data.
FMS customers are currently evaluating JATDI to determine how they can adopt its flexible concept to meet their defense needs.