JATFJoint Apprenticeship and Training Fund (unions)
JATFJoint Amphibious Task Force
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By assembling non-developmental and off-the-shelf sub-systems, the JATF significantly reduced both the integration and test timeline and technical risk.
Rather than spend the time and resources necessary to build up an organic and comprehensive program office with all the traditional disciplines, the JATF pulled in resources from across DoD, including all three Services and several contractors to form a network of Combat Acquisition Detachments (CADs).
A key difference between the JATF construct and other acquisition organizations is that layers of command structure have been removed and the JATF commander has direct contact with the CADs.
The JATF remains as the key leadership cell, and the CADs expand and contract as needed to help the JATF fulfill the mission at hand.
Graham was a member of the JATF Board of Trustees from 2003 to 2006, and also served as its Chairman.
JATF), which is funded solely by the members of Local 324 and administered jointly by the JATF Trustees and signatory contractors including: The Associated General Contractors of America-Detroit Chapter, Great Lakes Fabricators & Erectors Association of Michigan, Michigan Distribution Contractors Association, and Michigan Infrastructure