JATPJazz At The Philharmonic
JATPJournal of Atmospheric and Terrestrial Physics (Elsevier)
JATPJapanese Association for Transpersonal Psychology (est. 1998)
JATPJoint Apprenticeship Training Program
JATPJoint Air Transportation Plan
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After the first JATP national tour went bust in 1945, Granz sold all his possessions to make sure the costs were covered to send the musicians back home on first-class train tickets.
Hershorn makes the argument, somewhat heavy-handedly, that Granz had no need to seek the approval of others in the industry, stating: "His attitude about how his memory would be interpreted reflected his view of the public's reception to JATP or his recordings: if you like them, fine; if not, that's okay too" (p.
From the vantage point of the Young family, however, JATP was partly their doing, and this is said without taking any credit from Norman Granz, the sparkplug and financier of the traveling review which included in different years Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young, Charlie Parker, Roy Eldridge, Ella Fitzgerald, and others.